Conceptual Design

Idea generation and sketches of varying fidelity that rapidly communicate potential innovation of form and function.

Product Rendering

Photo-realistic renders that communicate a visual direction and the intended end-state of the product. Rendered in KeyShot.


Mechanical design utilizing SOLIDWORKS, Creo, and Geomagic Control X.

Rapid Prototyping

Handmade product mockups and 3D prints that demonstrate scale and ergonomics.


We believe form follows function, and they both enable emotional connection.

Savage Design is passionate about cross-functional collaboration at the early stages of product development. We take a deliberate and considered approach to enhance function and infuse emotion at every touchpoint within the design process. Creating the right balance of form and function differentiates our products, and transforms behaviors and categories.

Our simple and streamlined process allows us to rapidly bring clarity to the “fuzzy” front end of the product development process.

We start by listening and leveraging our clients’ unique positions and knowledge in order to discover hidden opportunities and clever design solutions that provide value added functionality. We then give rise to products with stunning geometry, premium finishes, and cutting edge materials that infuse positive emotion.

As a world class design house, we are well versed in prevailing trends, aesthetic movements, and consider the market, context and segments of all of the products we design.