Savage Design has a passion for products that will enhance the human experience by improving the quality of life for those with medical conditions.

ATTAIN InControl Medical


InControl Medical sought out a turnkey industrial design house that could rapidly provide contemporary design solutions from rough concept sketching to full-scale prototyping. As federal regulations and guidelines require extra time to bring medical products to the market, it was imperative that the early phases of the product design and development process be succinct and productive.
"Savage Design’s expertise has been an invaluable tool in the early stages of our development projects. From concept development to prototype modeling, our early design phases have been lightning-quick with the guidance provided by Savage Design. Frank provides a patient ear for absorbing the inputs of projects and is able to output concepts that truly capture the spirit of the project at hand. Can’t recommend Frank highly enough, if you want velocity out of the gates with your design project, Savage Designs is where it’s at.”
Jason Lemke, Director of Engineering – InControl Medical


The all new Attain hand held incontinence device combines what was before two apparati into one handheld unit. The two-in-one handheld device simplifies the user experience while adding comfort and control. This project was an end-to-end design and development product workflow including: research & strategy, concept sketches, handmade prototypes, photo-realistic renders, and graphic/ UI & UX design.