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The owner and inventor of the Swingrail engaged Savage Design to refresh the look & feel of their batting training device to create more visual excitement at retail. While the engineering and manufacturing design was provided by Advanced Design Concepts (ADC), there was an opportunity to elevate the aesthetics of the product to increase sales.
"I have been fortunate to have worked on many projects with Frank Savage during the past 20 plus years. We have collaborated on many design projects with congruent goals. I represent the mechanical engineering design and manufacturing side, while Frank led industrial design. I have witnessed first hand his outstanding artistic and creative talent and vision. I would rate him as one of the best industrial designers I have met. Combined with his leadership and interpersonal skills, he has a rare ability to provide clever designs, robust solutions that ultimately resulting in countless successful product launches. It is an honor to witness his design genius and to call him a friend after all these years of collaboration."
Mark Schaefer, President ADC


Not all projects require multiple weeks of design ideation and big budgets. Sometimes a visual refresh is just the answer. Savage Design was able to provide a rapid turnaround of a refreshed look. Working hand in hand with the client, we aligned on a visual refresh encompassing geometry and logo updates that maintained the tried and true performance of the original concept. The new and improved design went to market within five months, now sold in over 1,500 retail stores, and is the #1 best seller on Amazon in the batting trainer category.